Silver River Software


The latest version of Bank Account Tracking is version 7.020 .   You can check to see if you are running the latest verison of Bank Account Tracking by selecting "Help", then "About" from the Main Menu. A pop up box will appear telling you the build number of the software. You can also select "Help", then "Check web for updates" to check to see if a newer verison is available.


We hope you find this program easy to use. Bank Account tracking has inbuilt context sensitive help. When running Bank Account Tracking just press the F1 key to see help directly relevant to the screen you are in. When Bank Account Tracking installed it installed an electronic user guide. A link to this will be in your start menu.


Subscribers of Bank Account Tracking can send in an email to request help. To do this run Bank Account Tracking and from the menu bar select "Help" then "Request Support via email".  This feature will open a template email in your preferred email software which will include some basic diagnostic information. You can type your support query into the space provided in the email and click send.  You can also contact us via our Facebook page and Facebook chat.



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