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Privacy Statement - Updated 12-May-2018

Silver River Software Ltd is committed to safeguarding your privacy online because we recognize the importance of protecting information supplied by our site visitors and customers. This policy was updated on the 12th May 2018 to ensure its compliance with the new EU wide General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that comes into force one the 25th May 2018

The personal information that we collect when you contact us or purchase our software is for internal use only. Your details will not be passed on to any other third parties unless required to do so by law.

How we use your data

Registered Customers

When you purchase a licence for our software our authorised re-sellers share the following information with us:

Order Details – Including Order ID, Tracking ID, Date of Order, Product, Quantity, how ordered (e.g online or instore), price paid, serial number issued.

Your details – Name, Postal Address, Phone Number, email address, IP address.

Details of your method of payment are NOT provided to us.

This information is retained on our systems to allow us provide support to you and as proof that you are entitled to use the software purchased. We will hold this information for the life of the product, and for a minimum of 7 years to meet financial regulations. Under GDPR you have a right to request this information be deleted.  If you make this request we will delete your data once it is older that 7 years from financial year end of the date of the purchase you made (This is to comply with UK Tax regulations which require us to hold financial/tax data for a minimum of 7 tax years).

If you contact us for support, your support query, any ongoing conversation, debug logs and resolution will be kept for the same period as defined above. Any data files you send us for repair will be deleted within 14 days of your confirmation that your support ticket can be closed.

Where a registration transaction is flagged as fraudulent or used for unlawful activity, all details provided by you may be made available to law enforcement agencies, financial institutions, anti-fraud organisations as required by law or where we feel appropriate to do so. These agencies, institutions and organisations may be outside the UK. Example of outside the UK means countries where our reseller operates, the country where the fraud took place, and international agencies like visa, Mastercard, Europol, Interpol.

Non-registered Customers.

When you contact us the information that you provide us will be handled as follows.

Sales queries will be held on file for 120 days from the last contact with you and then be deleted.

Support queries: your support query, email address, and any ongoing conversation, debug logs and resolution will be kept on file with us.  Within 120 days of your support ticket being closed your contact details will be removed, however your query, its conversation, debug logs, and resolution will be kept allowing us to use this anonymised information to help our developers improve our software, user guides and other help systems.

Your rights:

You have a right to request your details are updated. You can do this from our website here.

You have the right to request deletion of your data. Please contact us by email at: to requests this.

You have the right to see a copy of the information we hold on you.  Please contact us by email at: to requests this. Please note before we can release a copy of your information to you we will need to validate your identity.  This may be by requesting a scanned copy of a recognised form of identity. If we cannot validation your identity then we will not be able to share the data requested with you.

Marketing/Contacting you

We will not pass your data to any third parties unless required to do so by law. We will not use your data you provide when buying our software or asking for support for direct marketing. We may offer a separate marketing list that you can choose to join via our website at a later date.

We may use your details to contact you when required to do so by law or when a significant event takes place where it would be in your interest that we make contact with you. (e.g. a major flaw discovered in our software.)  We have a twitter feed that we use to make more general / marketing announcements that you are welcome to follow.  Our software can also check into our webservers for any important announcements fron us on a regular basis. You can control if our software will do this in the software settings.

How we keep your data safe

Our computers run up to date security software and are protected from the outside world through multiple firewalls. Your contacts with us are initially held in our email system before being transferred into our encrypted Customer Relationship Management Database which is encrypted using the Rijndael-256 encryption standard.

As part of our disaster recovery processes, a backup of our customer database is held in US and Australian based Data Centres. The data we store there is fully encrypted using 256 bit AES encryption. AES is the US Dept. of Defence’s approved standard for encryption.

Cookies and 3rd parties

Silver River Software Ltd uses cookies to help keep track of unique visitors as they navigate this site and hold shopping cart information to allow the registering our products. These cookies are held in your browser memory and are deleted when you close your Internet browser. You need to make sure cookies are turned on if you wish to pay for the registration of a product.

We use FastSpring and Digital River as our authorised resellers. They will hold data relating to any purchases you make to allow them to comply with US and UK financial regulations

We use Google Analytics to provide ourselves with information on the number of visitors to our site and how our site I used/navigated. Google's privacy policy can be viewed here

Any changes in our privacy practices will be posted clearly on our site. We are confident that your experiences at Silver River Software Ltd will be a success.

If you have any concerns about our privacy policy, please contact us by email at: